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4 thoughts on “BLOG

  1. Hey, thanks, I met you in Oatman, AZ and purchased your product ( Optic Guard ) . I absolutely love this product, don’t want to live without it. This small jar worth 2 yrs. of cleaning fits perfectly in my purse, no more lens cleaner in the bottle taking up space for me, Optic Guard only. So far I have used it on my glasses and my phone, they are very clean. You will definatelly see my orders in the future. Thanks again…..Shari

  2. Hello Skip,
    It was a pleasure meeting you last weekend in Oatman, but the biggest pleasure has been my glasses. Thank you for introducing me to this remarkable cleaner. I have a whole new view out of my glasses and everything seems so much clearer. It is amazing when you can see clearer, how it can effect your thinking process too. Thanks again. Best of luck to you.

  3. Skip,

    The Optic Guard cleaner works as indicated, I have also used on my mobile, camera lense, and laptop screen, likley would be useful on tablet screens too.


  4. Skip, on Saturday November 17, 2012 while in Oatman myself and 3 others had our glasses cleaned and were so impressed that each couple made a purchase. The cleaning lasted about 3 days and cleaning was just as easy and fast as you demonstrated. Count us in as satisfied customers.

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