Doctors and Dentists

Attention Medical Doctors and Dentists

Recently it came to my attention that a gentleman was calling a store daily wanting to know when I would be back in that store selling and/or demonstrating Optic Guard(R). It took several months before I returned and when I did finally get back to that store, he was there on the first day with money in his hand wanting to buy several bottles of Optic Guard(R).

 I tried to explain to him that he didn’t need to purchase it in advance, he could call me or order from the information on the bottle and it would be shipped to him.

 He explained what he wanted in this way.

 “I am a Surgeon and I am in the Operating Room several times a week. I have one nurse in there for the express purpose of wiping my glasses. With the mask I wear, the steam from my breath doesn’t easily exit the mast without first traveling up onto my eyeglasses and fogging them.

 “When you were here in this store several months ago you cleaned my glasses. Several hours later I was in the OR and the nurse that was there to keep my glasses kept reaching for my glasses, asking ‘Now Doctor?’

 “I kept saying ‘No.’

 “I was in surgery for over five hours that day, and for several hours again the next day with the same results.

 “It took several days before my glasses started fogging up due to my breath and finally the nurse was able to clean my glasses again.

 “I want several bottles of this cleaner so I can leave them at three of the hospitals I am on staff so I and others can keep their glasses clean and fog free.”

 I felt so good that day that nothing was going to make my day go bad, no matter what.

 Then I received a similar report from a dentist. But he had a little twist in his story.

 He told me that he now uses Optic Guard(R) on those little mirrors he sticks into people mouths to see behind their teeth. It seems that before Optic Guard(R) he was having to keep the little mirrors wet so they wouldn’t fog when patients exhaled through their mouths. He keeps the mirrors clean and fog free by using Optic Guard(R).

 If you have a similar story, or anything related to this, please comment below. I would LOVE to share your story on how you use Optic Guard(R) thats different. Maybe someone can learn from YOUR experience.

2 thoughts on “Doctors and Dentists

  1. Skip, this is a great commentary on the efficacy of OPTIC GUARD(R). We had a similar experience from a welding company in Ohio.

  2. I am skeptical about purchasing items on a vacation trip out of state from any street vendors, however, after watching you clean our glasses, I was convinced, this was an excellent product. We had the glasses cleaned on Saturday, today is Monday, and still going strong.


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