Optic Guard(R)

Is Your Eyesight worth 30 seconds a day to you?

Is the comfort of seeing better worth 30 seconds?

You can visit me five days a week in Oatman, on US Highway 66, West of Kingman on Old Route 66, and East of Bullhead City, AZ / Laughlin NV via Boundary Cone Road from US Highway 95.  I set up Wednesday through Sunday (except when it rains) in front of New Diggin’s, very close to the South End of town.  I can usually be found there from about 11:00 AM (or thereabouts) until about 4:00 PM (or again, thereabouts).  I give free glass cleanings all day, no charge, no tipping and no hidden agenda.  Come and get your glasses cleaned.
If you decide to purchase Optic Guard (R) while in Oatman, One of several discounts may apply toward your purchase.  If you are a “senior Citizen,” if you served in the US Military, if you are a member of any military branch in the US, if you retired from any US military branch, any of these will get you a 10% discount on Optic Guard, but only IN PERSON, not from any mail order or phone orders.  However, that having been said, YOU MUST ASK FOR THIS DISCOUNT.  I don’t automatically discount without you asking for it.  (This tells me IF people are reading my posts … smile)
Optic Guard(R) is a product that I have been associated with for over 26 years, starting back in January 1991.   It is an eye glass cleaner and much much more.  It is an anti static so it keeps foreign matter and air borne particles off your glasses for 24 to 36 hours at a time.  Plus it is the ORIGINAL Anti-Fog.  The company was started in 1977 by a grandmother and her grandson.  He sold it on weekends to earn money for necessary childhood things, and later he sold it to make tuition money to go to college.  It was the longest running outside demonstrated product at Walmart and is today available at some markets and craft/gift shows throughout the US.

Using a tiny smudge on your fingers, you just touch each side of your lens, inside and out, and while it’s wet, wipe with a clean 100% cotton or microfiber cloth for two to three seconds.  Then apply the cleaner to the second lens and again wipe it for two or three seconds.

Then turn your cotton or microfiber cloth to a clean dry area and wipe each lens one more time.

That first wipe of the cloth will spread the Optic Guard(R) evenly to each side of the lens, the second wipe will remove the soap and all dirt from your lens.

People ask me all the time if this will remove scratches from a lens.    Simply put, NO.  Once scratched, the lens will remain scratched forever.

The best way to keep scratches off your lens is to never let them GET scratched.  This is a lot easier than people think, and a few precautions will help.

However, that being said, Optic Guard(R) WILL remove dirt from scratches, making small scratches seem to disappear, and larger scratches will be clean enough to see through or aound without giving you eye fatigue or headaches.

NEVER, EVER use anything made of paper to wipe your glasses.  All paper contains bits and pieces of wood, and sometimes even tiny bits of dirt or abrasive material.  Using 100% cotton or Microfiber will rid you of these problems.

NEVER, EVER use a shirt or T-shirt you are wearing to wipe your glasses.  After a few seconds of wearing clothing, it starts to pick up particles of dust.  Dust is an abrasive.  If you feel you HAVE to wipe your glasses during the day, carry a men’s handkerchief.  These are washable and made of 100% cotton.

If you have a case for your glasses, be very careful when you put your glasses into that case.  These cases all seem to have a velvet interior.  This is a magnet to dust, and dry dust IS an abrasive.  You probably have, or were given a small 4″ or 5″ square of microfiber cloth that was included when you got your glasses.  This can be used to wipe your glasses occasionally, but that was NOT the intended use for this cloth.  It is for wrapping your glasses BEFORE placing them into the case.  IF you use that cloth for cleaning or wiping your glasses, be sure to wash it OFTEN.  Just take it to the kitchen sink weekly, rinse it with water, squirt some liquid dish soap on the cloth, and wash it for a few seconds.  Then rinse it thoroughly, lay it over the dish strainer for a few minutes and let it dry.  Within minutes you can put it back in your case or pocket for the next time you use it.  Remember, dry dust is an abrasive and you want to remove all that dust and dirt before using it on your glasses.

When washing your 100% cotton cloth or microfiber cloth, just throw it in with the clothes you are washing, but wash without softener or those towelettes in your dryer.  Softeners are an oil base product and this will put oil on your cloth.  Now you’ll have an oiled cloth that you are trying to clean your glasses with.

I love watching peoples reactions when I clean their glasses and hand them back saying “Please try to stay Calm when you put these back on.”  That never fails to get a grin or a laugh.

Optic Guard(R) can be used on anything made of glass or plastic, coated or not coated, such as gun scopes, binoculars, microscopes, camera lens, TV and Computer screens, bathroom mirrors, motorcycle goggles and helmet visors, diving masks, ski masks, smart phones, touch pads, even the inside of a windshield to prevent fogging.

Optic Guard(R) is a US manufactured product.  It is manufactured in Joplin, MO.  The contents of Optic Guard are totally hypo-allergenic, it contains water, Coconut Powered Soap, Glycerin, and coloring (yellow 5 and blue 1) to give it the same green color it has had since before I started with the company in 1991.  It comes with a Satisfaction Guarantee and has absolutely NO ODOR.

The 1 ounce bottle of Optic Guard(R) has enough cleaner to use on one pair of glasses, daily, for four years, or a supply for two people using it daily for two years.  The price is only $14.95 (or three bottles for $35) plus shipping to any place in the US or Canada.  Shipping is via Priority Mail and I only charge what the Post Office charges me, $5.30 per package (subject to change at the whim of the Post Office), up to five bottles for one shipping charge.

I have now added Europe and Japan as countries that I ship too, so now I actually DO ship world wide.  If you are ordering from any place other than USA or Canada, use the second set of buttons for your Buy Now Options.

Payment is via PayPal, just click on one of the buttons at the very bottom of this article to “buy now,” and your shipment will be on it’s way to you within 24 hours of receipt of payment.

If you need more info, just fill out my “Contact-Me” form (located at the top of every page) and I’ll answer all questions.  This is a special page that will automatically email me all questions and I WILL get back to you.

You may have noticed that I added the (R) to each instance of naming Optic Guard(R).  The manufacturer contacted me and asked that I place that there, since this IS a Registered TM Product.  Thank you Alice for pointing that out to me.

The first Buy Now Button is for US orders only.  If you are in Canada, use the second button.  Asia or Europe (UK, France, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Greece, or any other country that is approved for shipments from USA), please click on the third Buy Now Button.  I had to change the shipping charges to Canada, Europe and Asia once I found out the actual cost of Postal Services.   When you receive your shipment you will see that I spent exactly what I charge for shipping, I do NOT inflate shipping charges to increase my profit.

Thank you.


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17 thoughts on “Optic Guard(R)

  1. There are literally hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. If you ARE a customer (or if you just have questions) post your comments or questions here for the world to see. I’ll answer your questions and comments as fast as I can get to them.

    At every showing of the product that I have ever been too, there have been numerous people that just stopped by to comment on how much they love their Optic Guard. Here’s YOUR chance to comment on what you feel about Optic Guard.

    Tell your experience about your usage. I constantly learn from my customers on ways they use this product.

    For instance, here’s one I keep forgetting to tell people.

    If you have any CDs or DVDs that skip, pause or freeze, just clean the bottom of the disk with a small amount (a small touch of the cleaner on your finger, just as if you were cleaning your glasses),wipe it twice (again, just like cleaning your glasses), then put it back into the player and it will play flawlessly. It will do the same thing for any games you have on CD or DVD. Take a touch of the cleaner, make about a one inch smudge on half of the bottom of the CD, wipe with a clean cloth, repeat on the second half of the CD, then turn the cloth to a clean dry area and wipe again. You’re all done.


    • Jan.14th,2012 We tried Optic guard when Skip cleaned our glasses in Oatman Az.today. I would have to be careful walking up and down the wooden walk because I would get wavy lines looking down. After Skip cleaned my glasses, It was like I had no glass in them, I could see so clear.
      This might sound like a put on, and I can only say Try it. It’s evening and I still have not had to clean my glasses. It’s been at least 4-5 hours.
      Skip I think I can go a little longer before I have to see my eye DR. Thanks–a bunch, Rita and Bill

      • That’s a GREAT way to say what I have been saying for years, clean your glasses, REALLY clean your glasses and you’ll be surprised how well you really CAN see. Thank you for the kind words, it is really appreciated.

        • I was in Oatman AZ, ,,I Tried your product and was impressed . My wife and I do a lot surf fishing and keeping our lenses clean is not very easy due to the salt spray.a Simple wipe of the lenses was all it took to see clearly ..I recommend Optic guard for anyone who spends time outdoors around water..good product…try it and you’ll see for yourself ..

  2. Hello, I have been using OptiGuard for several years now, as I first ran into a fellow selling it in Oatman, AZ. a few years ago. It has done a remarkably good job on my glasses, (but only when I remember to clean them). I am an avid, if not a particularly gifted shooter, but I am serious enough about the sport to have a fairly expensive pair of shooting glasses made to my prescription. I had the choice of several different tints available for the lenses, and I chose a bright amber tint. These particular glasses set me back about $300.00, and I’m a bit concerned about the possibility of your, or any cleaner scratching them. I’d hate to have to replace these, as $300.00 is a fair bit of change in my part of the world. Is OptiGuard safe on tinted lenses?

    Geoff H.
    Madison, WI

    • Hi Geoff, and wonderful question. First, that was me in Oatman. I sold from a table on the sidewalk in front of the Olive Oatman Restaurant for about a year, then moved to a store where we sold cowboy hats, but I still sat out on the sidewalk demonstrating Optic Guard, small world. I run into people all the time that bought their initial bottle of cleaner from me in Oatman. As for Optic Guard scratching your expensive shooting glasses, fear not, there is nothing in Optic Guard that will scratch, but as stated before, be sure to use it with a CLEAN 100% cotton cloth or a clean microfiber cloth, and use the washing instructions I talked about in my article above. Optic Guard is perfectly safe for use on all optics (thus the name) and will not effect the color or tint of your glasses. And as far as remembering to use the cleaner each day, I have suggested for years that the two best places to place the jar of cleaner are on the kitchen table where you sit to have breakfast (or your morning coffee), or on the shelf below your bathroom mirror. You will see the cleaner at LEAST once a day in both places, reminding you to clean your glasses. For those not familiar with Oatmen, Arizona, it is a small town where the two biggest things of interest (besides all the shops) are the wild burros that roam free through out the town and country side, and the several times daily, seven days a week, shootouts between various gunfighters on the street. Yeah, I was one of those gunfighters (smile). “Sneaky Skip,the slowest draw in the West.”

  3. I was at the Gun Show at the Las Vegas Sports Center today. Skip used this on an old pair of reading glasses I had with me and made the lenses crystal clear like they were new again. The product totally sells itself. I bought one on the spot.

    • Thank you Alice. From you, that is a GREAT thing to say. And for all you here reading this, Alice is the manufacturer of Optic Guard. She had NO IDEA that I was doing this page until after it was done.

  4. Skip,

    Just wanted to say Thanks showing us the clear way to clean my glasses. Optic guard is a fantastic product. We not only use it on our glasses, (very easy to use) but also our I Phones, camera lenses, mirrors, my goggles and computer screens….it is better then we thought it would be.


    Tim Melbrod
    Indio, Ca.

  5. I bought a bottle of Optic Guard when I met you in Oatman,Az. I am the guy with the three wheeled electric tricycle and my friend who was affraid at first to let you clean his glasses. I have cleaned my sun glasses , phone, tv’s, watch, and will use on other glass and plastic items. You bring so much information and humor while talking with people it was a pleasure to buy from you. I come to Oatman often and look forward to talking to you again.
    Thank you,
    gary Singleton

  6. Hi Skip, We met you in Oatman when you asked us over to clean our glasses it truly was like we were not wearing glasses they were sooo clean and Jack bought a jar of optic guard .We had a great conversation with you .We were there early april from Canada .Health and happiness to you .Love from Betty and Jack

  7. This is Skips first order from overseas he tells me. I live in the UK and a friend of ours who visited the US recently told us about Optic-Guard and he offered to clean our glasses. We were so impressed that I placed an order with Skip. The transaction has been smooth with great communication throughout. A pleasure to do business with and a great product. Thank you.

    Sharon Wagg
    United Kingdom

  8. Just met you in Kingman, AZ. at the fair. Bought after the demo and am very happy. Not to mentioned you brightened up all our day with your outgoing personality.

  9. Met Skip in Oatman on January 12.2013. He cleaned our glasses and we bought some from him. Love it. Only need to clean them every other day. Thx Skip.

  10. Come see me in Oatman, and I am SO easy to find. One of the first buildings you will find in Oatman if you are coming from Bullhead City, or the last building if you are coming from Kingman, is the New Diggin’s. I will be on the sidewalk directly in front of New Diggin’s. Just look for my signs in the street, and I will be VERY close to those signs.

    See you there.

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