Removing Scratches from Eye Glasses

How do I remove scratches from my eyeglasses?

Back in 1991 I was in a Wal*Mart store in California. I had time on my hands since I was waiting for some film in their One Hour Development Department.

I noticed several people gathered around a kiosk right at the main entrance to the store so I went over to see what was going on.

There was a person demonstrating and selling an eyeglass cleaner there, and he had quite a good sized crowd gathered around him. It was really something to watch.

He would take a person’s glasses and clean one lens quickly with just a few wipes of his cloth (or so I thought) then pass both lenses past a vaporizer he had there on his little table. The lens he had not cleaned immediately steamed up, the other lens stayed clear, this was the one he had cleaned.

I was a MotorSports Photographer at that time and in order to get really close to the viewer on the back of the camera I had removed the rubber protective piece that was there to protect one’s glasses. As a result my right lens had ton’s of scratches, the left lens was pretty clear. The scratched lens was so bad that I would to to the Eye Doctor about twice a year just to have that lens replaced. At this time I was about half way between visits to the Eye Doctor, and the scratches on my right lens were just starting to bother me.

As I was standing there watching the fellow and his demonstration, he reached out to me and motioned for me to give him my glasses, which I did.

As with other people, he cleaned just one lens, passed them through the steam of his vaporizer, the clean lens was clear and the uncleaned lens fogged up immediately.

Then he cleaned the second lens and handed my back my glasses.

I was totally blown away! The scratches seemed to be gone and the glasses were cleaner than I had ever seen them.

As it turned out, it did NOT remove the scratches from my lens, it actually took the dirt out of the scratches and they seemed to disappear.

Several hours later I realized that the scratches WERE in fact still there, but they were easier to see through than I ever could have imagined. Man, these glasses were CLEAN !!

I have since learned that there really is NOTHING that will “remove” scratches from eye glasses. Scratches are, after all, gouges in the lens. That means that there is material MISSING from the lens, just as you would have a gouge in wood furniture if you were to scratch it with a nail or something like that.

Once scratched, they are scratched forever.

I have people asking me daily if Optic Guard will “get rid of scratches,” or “will it fill in the scratches.”

Unfortunately, there really isn’t anything you CAN do with scratches to get them off your lens.


There ARE some things you CAN do.

There is a product advertised on TV that will paint a substance on your lens to fill in scratches. Yeah … it works … kind of. It DOES fill in the scratches, but from what I have observed both with personal trial and from other people telling me, although it fills in the scratches, when it drys it leaves a black trace in the scratch, and for several days I kept thinking that there was a hair on my lens that I kept trying to find and pull off. There was NO WAY to get this off my glasses and I had to finally throw them away, the distraction was that bad.

The second way to get rid of scratches is to have them ground down, much like that wood I mentioned earlier, until you get to the depth of the deepest scratch. HOWEVER, this will change your prescription, making the glasses useless.

There IS a third way (I mention this with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek). You can take a small hammer and SMASH the lens until there are no more scratches. (sorry, just my attempt at humor)

Then there is Optic Guard(r). Optic Guard(r) will gently FOAM DIRT OUT OF SCRATCHES. And once the dirt is gone, the scratches (small one’s at least) will disappear for a day or so until they get dirty again. Larger scratches will be clean enough to see through or around with out causing you eye fatigue or headaches.

I often have people stop at my table when I offer to clean their glasses telling me that “these are hopeless, they are so scratched that they are worthless” or words to that effect.

I LOVE these people, they are offering me a challenge. I smile and hold my hand out and wait for them to remove their glasses and hand them to me.

Some will have paper scratches, some have skid scratches from falling on hard surface, and some even have pits in the glass from either welding or grinding material that has splattered on their glasses. They seem to be amazed when I ask if they are “Grinders” or “Welders.” In any case, after cleaning these glasses, I never fail to ask “Please try to stay calm when you put these back on, you are in for a VERY pleasant surprise.” That never fails to get a reaction, usually a sad smile as in “yeah, right.”

But the effect is immediate, it actually takes a second for them to react, these glasses are CLEAN.

No (again) it does NOT remove scratches, but you’ll think it does, because for the first time in a LONG time, your glasses will be clean, no doubt about it.

In all the years I have been selling Optic Guard(r) I have only had TWO people ask for their money back. Both called me on the phone and stated that it just wasn’t working for them. One had purchased that morning and I told him, “No problem, just bring it back and I will refund all your money, no questions.” When he brought the bottle back, almost half was gone … HALF!!!

I realized that he had taken a good sized dollop of Optic Guard(r) out of the bottle, probably trying to save it in another container, and now wanted his money back. When I saw how much was missing, I offered NO WORDS, just handed him his $10 and turned around and walked away. Nothing needed to be said.

The second person called me about a week after purchasing and I offered to meet with him. I opened the bottle and saw that very little had been used, and I gave him back his $10. Then I asked if he would demonstrate how he used the cleaner, and handed him back his bottle and a clean Microfiber cloth. He reached into the bottle and took a good portion of Optic Guard, and smeared it all over one side of a lens, got more out of the bottle and smeared it on the other side of the lens, then started to repeat this for the second lens.

I stopped him at that point.

I showed him again how little he really needed, and redid his glasses for him.

He was amazed that it took so little Optic Guard(r) to get his glasses clean. What HAD been taking him four or five minutes to clean, I did in about 30 seconds. His BIGGEST problem was that he was using so much Optic Guard that it was drying on the lens long before he wiped it off, making him work WAY TOO HARD on the cleaning.

For the second time I actually held his hand, and using his finger I actually touched his finger to the Optic Guard and showed him how little to use, then still holding his finger I wiped that little bit on both sides of one lens, and wiped it with the microfiber cloth we had with us. I had HIM do the second lens the same way.

I left him with a handshake, returned his bottle of Optic Guard, gave him the microfiber cloth and insisted that he keep the $10. About a week later he called me on the phone asking for my physical address, he wanted to return the $10 to me, he said it was HIS mistake for not using the Optic Guard properly, and he felt bad about keeping the money, he REALLY LIKED the Optic Guard now that he knew the RIGHT way to use it.

I honestly believe that there is NO WAY to get scratches out of your glasses, but I firmly believe that Optic Guard will clean your glasses so thoroughly that you will see a big difference in the scratches, and as I said, small scratches will seem to disappear for a day or so, large scratches will be clean enough to see through if not around without causing eye fatigue or headaches.

Click here to see what Optic Guard will do for you.

If you have scratches on your eye glasses, I feel there is NO BETTER treatment in the world than Optic Guard for cleaning the scratches. And once you try Optic Guard, you’ll feel the same way too.

Use the drop down menu form to order Optic Guard with your credit card, choose how many bottles you want, and it will be on it’s way to you within 24 hours.

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